What the best consultants have in common

finding the best consultantsMany people think finding the best consultants in Australia is like finding a needle in a haystack. But it need not be. Here are some of the give-away traits of top consultants which we look for, and you should too!

Low profile

While it sounds counter-intuitive, many of the best consultants out there fly under the radar. And how does that happen?  Because the best consultants are so good at what they do, that they are constantly busy through word-of-mouth referrals without needing to engage in open marketing. They quietly keep their prospects and clients informed as to the value they bring to your table - value associated with fixing problems and realising opportunities, especially latent ones.  So beware the consultant who crows from the rooftop, or assaults you through social media.  Sometimes the proverbial quiet achiever is a better bet.


Professionalism is a hallmark of the best consultants. They have a code of conduct – whether their own, or that of the professional associations they belong too.  They will never abuse the privilege of working with clients by revealing who you are and what they did, unless it is with your permission.  So check out the consultant who peppers their website with too many logos, constantly name drops and big notes.

traits of the best consultants in Australia


The best consultants know what they can do, and what they can’t do … the latter being arguably more important.  They will not prostitute themselves for the sake of the mighty dollar.  But you can trust them to introduce, or refer you to another (best) consultant with the same values, quality ethic, and high work standards.  

Proof of capability

The best consultant will want to prove themselves to you.  So don’t be surprised when, after a first meeting, they propose to carry out a rapid diagnostic assessment of the problem to be realised, or the opportunity to be fixed; a diagnostic which will deliver you a relevant actionable outcome, an answer, in just one or two elapsed weeks.  And don’t fall off your chair when the best consultant tells you that they are “not needed” to implement a specific follow-on action, because it will be true.  There may be other follow-on actions where you need them to be “hands in”, deeply involved in implementation, or “hands on” managing, or “hands above” sitting alongside you in governance.  Beware the consultant who wants to embed themselves in your enterprise forever … they have tarnished the consulting profession in many a client’s eye.  The best consultant will always give you implementable and honest advice even though they may not be engaged to deliver it.


Building a trusting and mutually respectful relationship is always uppermost in the best consultant’s mind.  With trust and respect in place, the best consultant will surely involve you in their proposal development for further projects.  You will be kept informed and coached on implementation too.  The best consultant will facilitate your ability to act on their work when it is done.  You will really appreciate this modus operandi.

The best consultant knows that after delivery service has to be earned, and they are only as good as their last project.  So don’t be taken aback when they treat you like a new client second time around.  The best consultant knows that familiarity can breed contempt, so they avoid that uncomfortable state by treating you as a new client.  It’s quite simple for them, but could be strange for you, so please hang in there until there are a few projects notched on your belt.

In conclusion

The best consultant will always be careful when talking to your staff and they will keep their project records secure.  Don’t be surprised to find empty waste bins, because they will take their scrap home with them.

In conclusion, the best consultant stands out in the crowd.  But if you can’t spot them, then please ask us!

find the best consultants in Australia

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