What We Do

consulting companiesFindaConsultant is a free online service which matches businesses quickly and easily with the right consultants for a specific need.  

Unparallelled Choice

At the heart of our service is a powerful matching engine, which operates “behind the scenes” to ensure we match you with consultants who tick all your boxes for specialist expertise, industry experience, budget, timeline and location.  You can also choose the type of consultants you are open to engaging: for example, a small business might prefer to deal with a consulting enterprise consisting of only one or two professionals, while a large organisation may need to work with a big brand consultancy to endorse their recommendations to the Board.  And of course there are many boutique consultancies in the middle.  Unlike other services, FindaConsultant offers users real and unparallelled choice.

Pre-screened Consultants

Not only is FindaConsultant unique in its ability to match business needs so comprehensively, the platform also helps reduce risk, as we screen all consultants interested in joining our database. Our due diligence includes reference checks, website validation and social media reviews, so by the time you engage with one of our recommended consultants, you have the surety of knowing that they are highly rated by their clients. Compare this with trawling through search engines to find consultants and reaching out to their references, while your need is urgent… FindaConsultant removes this burden and accelerates the process of engagement.

Many individuals claim to be consultants when they are between jobs and looking to fill the gap. We recognise that the majority of such individuals are not consulting professionals, do not have a website to showcase their capability, and often do not have an ABN or appropriate insurance coverage. Such “consultants” are not eligible to join our community.

Best-of-breed Community

We have created a truly best of breed community of consulting enterprises, small and large, across more than 20 categories, 200 sub-categories and 100 industries. While this represents immense diversity, we believe that the sheer convenience of a one stop, go-to-site for consulting services fills a much needed gap in the market.

B2B Specialisation

We have chosen to specialise in helping businesses (rather than consumers). Consumers have been well-served for many years with comparison sites and matching sites to help them make purchasing decisions, while the B2B market has been underserved. 

A division of Matchboard

FindaConsultant is a new brand in the portfolio of Matchboard Pty Ltd, a proven online matching business operating in the sales, service and back office niche (covering a range of products and services for contact centres, mobile, social media, video and face-to-face channels). FindaConsultant leverages many of the systems, tools and methodologies developed and fine-tuned by Matchboard since its inception in 2012.

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