Guiding Principles

At FindaConsultant, we are guided by a set of principles which define our values and culture.


The idea of an online service connecting companies with consultants is a disarmingly simple one, and this simplicity is reflected in every aspect of our business.  We have a simple aim to help people save time and reduce risk when they source consulting expertise.  We pride ourselves on being accessible and easy to deal with.  Our website is simple to use, and our business model is so straightforward that consulting supplier agreements are just one page long!


Trust and integrity are words which are inextricably linked with our brand.  Our clients trust us to provide quality consultant recommendations, because of our stringent screening criteria and commitment to building a truly best-of-breed consulting community. They also know that FindaConsultant is led by senior executives with an impeccable track record of ethics and integrity. We back ourselves by not charging consultants to participate in our program; rather we trust them to report their wins and pay us a small fee based on success.


We believe that adding value in business means finding gaps and opportunities to do things better and faster. The matching software which powers our website saves busy executives time and effort in finding the right consultants, and enables us to offer an innovative alternative to traditional search methods.  Our commercial model is based on an honesty system, which ironically is an innovation in itself in today’s market.   

Customer focus 

From the planning for this website, right through to monitoring feedback on the experience our clients have with consultants we refer, we engage with customers every step of the way. Not only do we listen to our customers, but we act on the insights they provide.  We believe a positive customer experience fosters loyalty and advocacy, which are central to a company’s health and growth.


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