Human Resources Consulting

HR consulting

Human resources (HR) consulting, one of the broadest consulting disciplines, is concerned with assisting organisations to implement and integrate human resources policies, programs, processes and practices into their everyday operations.

Simply refer to the following A to Z list to find the human resource consulting service/s you need, to take your most significant asset, your people, and thus your organisation, to the next level.

The A to Z of HR consulting services

  • Coaching - train and develop an employee to achieve a specific personal or professional competence result or goal … find the right coaching model, as there are many to choose from.
  • Compensation, remuneration, rewards and incentive programs - define, develop, evaluate and implement policies, procedures and programs for compensation, remuneration, rewards and incentives … look after your people by putting appropriate programs in place.
  • Corporate culture and management style - develop, review and implement the values and behaviours that create the unique social and psychological environment of an organisation … and thus create a clear identity for your organisation.
  • Counselling - support to help an employee solve a personal problem, improve their attitude, behaviour, or character … even the existence of this employee benefit can improve morale across the organisation.
  • HR Systems - define, develop, evaluate, implement and maintain IT solutions to support Human Resource activities … the ROI on relevant IT investments might astonish you.
  • Industrial relations [IR] - develop, evaluate and implement policies and procedures for industrial relations … IR consultants will always be up-to-date with IR developments, so you could use them as a sounding-board, or even outsource IR to them.
  • Instructional design - develop, review, implement and maintain instructional experiences to make the acquisition of knowledge and skills efficient, effective, and appealing … great instructional design will embed the training outcomes.
  • Job evaluation - define, develop, evaluate and implement policies and procedures for job evaluation … a must do, but don’t over-complicate.
  • Leadership / Employee / Team development and training - develop, review, implement policies and procedures and training (courses, workshops) for leaders, employees and teams … training pays, so resist cutting the budget when the less good times arrive.
  • Mentoring - create a personal relationship between an experienced and knowledgeable person, who may not be an employee, and a less experienced or less knowledgeable employee, to achieve agreed development goals.  Let your people choose their mentors - you will soon see the ‘stars’ of the organisation across all levels.
  • Organisational design, development, restructuring and governance - design, develop, align, structure or restructure process, rewards, metrics, talent and governance with an organisation’s strategy … this can be a ‘big deal’ but it will deliver a good ROI.
  • Outplacement - define, develop and provide outplacement services … your obligation, which we hope you will rarely if never need.
  • Performance appraisal - develop, evaluate and implement policies and procedures for performance appraisal … another must do, but don’t over-complicate.
  • Policy and planning - develop, review and implement human resources policies and plans … and then communicate them.
  • Recruitment and selection - develop, evaluate and implement policies and procedures for recruitment and selection … keep them simple, efficient and effective.
  • Resource management - develop, evaluate and implement policies and procedures for resource management … another must do, especially for people-intensive organisations, but don’t over-complicate.
  • Surveys - design, develop, review and implement surveys related to human resources activities … surveys can improve employee engagement, and provide unexpected insights.
  • Talent development and management - develop, evaluate and implement policies and procedures for talent development and management … well-honed programs minimise attrition.
  • Workforce planning and management - develop, evaluate and implement policies and procedures for workforce planning and management … another must-do, especially for people-intensive organisations.

What to look for in an HR consultant

With such an array of human resources consulting services, your HR consultant must possess proven skills, knowledge and experience in the specific service you require, complemented by inspiring interpersonal skills and demonstrable empathy.

If you are ready to speak to an HR consultant for your needs, select the "Human Resources" category in our quick online wizard.

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