Logistics Consulting

logisticsLogistics consulting is a discipline which has really ‘come of age’ in recent years, due to the significant changes in distribution models as a result of the decline in manufacturing, the advent of the services economy and the emergence of omni-channel retailing.  Logistics consultants are helping organisations to truly ‘get smart’ with their logistics, and the use of mobile technology has really helped with this agenda.

Logistics consultants can guide you to manage the flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption in the optimal way that your organisation seeks.

Logistics consulting services

Logistics consultants collaborate with clients to define, develop, evaluate and implement across areas such as:

3PL & 4PL outsourcing - and optionally provide third-party or fourth-party outsourced logistics services and solutions … once you have determined your requirements, use the expertise of 3PL and 4PL providers to deliver

Distribution centres / warehouses - including layout and materials handling equipment … proven modelling techniques will help you locate DCs and warehouses, and constantly improving technology, including software, will deliver an earlier payback

Distribution logistics - includes order processing, warehousing, transportation and freight … you will need to constantly refresh your tactics, and maybe your strategy, as the business environment changes

Distribution Resource Planning [DRP] systems - Software packages for DRP and other specialist areas have always played a pivotal role … and year on year as the total cost of IT ownership drops a little, the ROI increases

Productivity improvement - typically involves your people … but look at asset utilisation, IT and process too

Supply chain planning and management - you will need to constantly refresh these solutions, as the business environment changes

Transportation / Freight solutions - the ‘newest’ service, brought about by technology enablers (again!) and specialist transport / freight providers to deliver your solution.

What to look for in a logistics consultant

Your logistics consultant has to be the ‘been there done that, and I know what’s coming next’ type, who will keep you at the leading edge, and who will never take you over the bleeding edge.

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